Bobby’s World: The Brand Before The Man : Parts 1 & 2

California native, Bobby Kim. 1/2 of the two-man wrecking crew who are the originators of streetwear label, The Hundreds. An obsessive documentarian, a proponent of counterculture (take that however you see fit) and owner of a specially customized Delorean DMC-12 (Yes, the time machine from Back To The Future). He’s also hated on by a few forum-dwelling teens with prepubescent angst who think for some reason that he’s “sold out” to the masses; but on the flip side, or should I say lopside, he’s revered by the boatloads of sensible streetwear enthusiasts out there. To us, he’s really the Socrates to our Plato…okay maybe that’s reaching. More like the Michael Jordan to our adolescent Kobe Bryant then. It was truly a long shot in scoring this interview with Bobby, I mean even in the FAQ section of the Hundreds website there’s an outright “No” in response to the question, “Can we interview you?”. Fortunately, by the grace of Livestock’s Bone brothers, we were afforded the chance to meet up with the man here in Vancouver while on some annual Spring/Summer trade show business.

Bobby’s World: The Brand Before The Man | Part 1 from hueTV on Vimeo.

Bobby’s World: On LA & Its Residents | Part 2 from hueTV on Vimeo.

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