Synergy : Home Beer Brewing System

All brewing stands and kettles are completely, professionally TIG welded to perfection in house by us.Our brewing stands are made with 1″ square Type 304 brush polished Stainless Steel tubing. The burner housings, on all models, are made of 304 Stainless Steel as well. The brewing stands are extremely sturdy and rigid, and feature swiveling, lockable casters that are removable by un-threading the 1/2″ stud attached to the caster, from the welded female insert located inside the legs, as well as an FDA approved lower shelf constructed of 3/8″ thick, HDPE (cutting board material) recycled plastic, that is fastened to the stand with stainless steel mounting screws. The lower shelf is where we install, and recommend installing pumps and chillers. On our two tier model stands, the top tier is removable for storage and transportation by unthreading 3 bolts. The top tier is connected to the main gas regulator by a 48″ flexible braided Stainless Steel line. This enables the user to remove the top tier, set it on the ground and utilize it as a second boiling station once the water from the hot liquor tank has been used, without having to disconnect any gas lines.

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