Oi Polloi : Pica~Post #1 : Tales, Facts, Clobber and Chatter

Pica-Post is a new, twice-yearly publication showcasing the seasons best clothing and footwear from OiPolloi’s perspective. OiPolloi staples Woolrich Woolen Mills, Nigel Cabourn and Yuketen all feature in issue #1, alongside relative new additions like Double RL and Burkman Bros. All illustrated in fine style.

Pica-Post seeks to answer the age-old mysteries such as:
– What happened to the Ivy Leaguer who got caught smoking ‘draw’ in the girls bathroom?
– What exactly is a Desert Deserter, and does he drink in Australian themed fun pubs?
– Will the Colourblind Sniper ever see any action?
– And… were the Singing Surfer’s emails ever answered?

If you require answers to these questions then Pica-Post is the publication for you.

In addition to the illustrated Deck-Out features, there’s insight which meanders from Swastika Surfboards to the Salford Sioux. There is also final confirmation that God does indeed wear khaki’s.

Our first Pica-Post print-run is strictly limited to 1000 copies – click here to read it online and download a PDF

Hope you enjoy it,
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