LD 120 by La Boite Concept

The LD 120 is the first high-fidelity docking station dedicated to your laptop computer.

La Boite concept’s purpose is to design and to manufacture high-fidelity speaker systems permitting the convergence of Hi-Fidelity and digital media. After the success of its “Première” single unit speaker system including all multimedia devices (Mac Mini, video projector, HD screen, amplifier) inside, La Boite concept is launching the LD 120.

La Boite concept is a French electro-acoustic research and development unit, involved in permanent R&D activities, with a team composed of a doctor, of engineers, designers, production specialists and a marketing staff.

Nothing is easier to listen to your music which is in your computer than with the LD 120. You just need to connect it to the USB cable. A single plug is the only thing needed to make the whole system to be operational.

The USB DAC converter (sound card) built into the system will take care of everything and will provides to you hi-fi audio quality whatever your computer’s audio output is. In addition the LD 120 is equipped with 2 auxiliary inputs and you can also use any other music player.

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