Carhartt x Lovenskate : ‘TEA-RRIFIC!’ Box Set

The Limited TEA-RRIFIC! box set contains:

1 x Skateboard deck- 8.25″ wide

1 x 2 Pint Tea-pot

2 x 1 Pint Mugs

2 x Sticker packs

1 x Large T-shirt

2 x Tea-Riffic tea bags

The board is Lovenskate wood, pressed with care in the USA then shipped to the UK and screen-printed at Lovenskate headquarter in London.

Once made in Stoke-on-Trent the tea-pots and mugs are hand screen-printed and fired in the kiln also at Lovenskate.

Sticker packs mean the tea celebration can make it’s way into all parts of your life and if you’re lucky they’ll smell of polyplast ink. Finest Carhartt shirts will get the Lovenskate treatment before they make their way into this box.

And last but definitely not least will be a couple of Traditional English Breakfast tea bags to set off the whole operation as it was intended.

There are only 30 of these bad boys, so GET THEM WHILE THE TEA IS HOT!

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