Turtleback : ‘Turtle Jacket’ for iPhone 4

With the release of the iPhone 4 and the better camera, photography on the device has certainly picked up. Seeing a photography award going to somebody using an iPhone is nothing new anymore and therefore the accessories for the iPhone photography market are of course also getting more interesting over time. Here we present the new Turtleback Turtle Jacket


“Named Turtle Jacket, the aluminium ‘iPhone camera case’ contains UV filter, and is compatible with any 37mm lenses. The company also offers 60mm (for close up), 21mm (for long shot) and 8mm (for fish-eye-view). The two holes in the bottom are for tripod. The case is also compatible with other brands such as Manfrotto Modo. Paired with a camera strap, it looks almost like a digital camera.”

For more info check out the Turtleback website

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