Rebel : February 2011 Promo Mix : FREE DOWNLOAD


Check out the latest give away by Leicester based DJ / Producer Jonny Rebel. This 14 track mix contains 100% exclusive content from the man himself….

“The mix is kind of a 2 part affair. The first 7 tracks showcase the deep, almost tribal funk laden vibe and the housier side to Rebels production. By the time we hit the string laden breakdown of  “A Prophet” the mix is ready to step up the pace, heading into the techier more atmospheric side of his music”

“Productions promotional mix. All tracks were produced and mixed by me! This is a real labour of love, I have been working on this for the last few months and feel its finally ready to be heard…”


1. Rebel : Steam Punk.

2. Rebel : Idoits Are Winning.

3. Rebel : Opal Froots (Rebel Deep Cut Techno Edit).

4 : Rebel : Pancakes.

5 : Rebel : Finally Think.

6. Rebel : Mono’d Tone.

7. Rebel : Fierce Winter.

8. Rebel : A Prophet.

9. Rebel : Give Me A Clue.

10. Rebel : Attention Span.

11. Rebel : Burn Ya Texts.

12. Rebel : Metal Boat.

13. Rebel : Soda.

14. Rebel : Corse (Scruffy Filter Edit)

Download the mix HERE


Check out Rebel’ Mix Cloud

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