Reebok x Stash x Packer’s Shoes : PUMP Graphlite

Quote from Mike Packer via Sneaker Freaker

“Rounding out some of the project with Reebok, we wanted to bring back the Graphlite Pump — a runner that over time has gotten a bit of shine, but not as much as we had thought.  Nothing really clicked until we thought about giving the shoe an outdoor type treatment.  The color pallette and treatment that Stash has given over the years to many of his projects seemed like a natural but the only way it made sense was to do it as a co-lab with Stash and doing it proper all the way through.
You say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, and that is what this whole process was about. Until about 18 months ago, our paths have never crossed professionally. From the outside looking in, all you really know is what you see on the blogs and draw conclusions from that. It wasn’t until the idea was floated to Stash thru a mutual acquaintence, that the project took hold.  From day one, the mutual respect was there and what has flowed has been a relationship that takes an iconic under the radar classic and gives it energy to many more projects down the road….

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