Leicester contingency invades Cambodia….


Well, well well…..here i am sat in a Phnom Penh  internet cafe, sweating me gonads off at 8 oclock at night. I have had a joyous day, teaching the future generation of Khmer people how to speak proper English (meaning no effing Americanisms whatsoever) with an authentic Leicester twang. All writing on the whiteboard was conducted with an authentic Leicester graffiti handstyle…. pretty soon i’m sure, we will have a load of Khmer kids running round asking “how e ya me duck” while dropping drippy mop tags on street furniture. With any luck…..

There are 6 of us here now, all Leicesterfarians and it seems the total could grow even further.

Why i hear you ask? Well the climate is for sure a main attraction, as is the fact that you can, on any random day, see things as shocking as kids clubbing dogs to death, people getting involved with chicks they really shouldnt, and kids bringing you sweets and drinks to say thankyou for being so influential in their life…

I love leicester, but i think i really do like it here too…. so i plan on keeping you up to date on all the shenanigans the Leicester expat community get up to while were here ( for instance copping a pair of Air max TN’s for $20!!!!)

stay tuned me old fruits……


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