Now i can tell i’ve been…

asked to write for this blog to give it some FUCKIN LIFE!!!! Now as you all know i’m a cracker and cracker’s love pork, i’m not sure why this is, but i do know that science has proven it, now also being as its sunday i’m on the pork hunt, i’m looking for something meaty which is smothered in apple sauce, so my first question is:

Does the fact that they have found carved bones from around 24000 bc prove that man has been civilisation building for a lot longer than we think?

Now you might ask ” why would this prove such a thing? ” and the answer simply is that it doesn’t, but what it does show us is that somebody was tracking the passage of the moon by scratching marks into bone and using it as a calender. Again as everybody knows one of the first building blocks of city building is a sustainable food source and a sustainable food is generally produced from farming or keeping livestock ( generally people agree that farming first appeared in the middle east around 8000 bc ), for both these things a calender is very important, for successful farming one needs to know when to plant the seeds for there maximum yeld and for the keeping of livestock one needs to know when the best grazing is, so a knowledge of the seasons is also very important. So the question becomes ” was this person making a calender for practical use or was it just as something to do on long hunts? ” If it were for practical use this pushes back the invention of farming by around 16000 years, way before the last big freeze and the subsequent disruption that such an event would have entailed. Pre-8000bc man is supposed to be nothing more than a simple hunter gatherer, living an existance which is at the mercy of nature, but could it have been that human civilisation was already underway and that it took such a apocolyptic event to put us back as a specie to square one, so that the start date of 8000 bc was not the beginning but the resurgence of man?

To tell you the truth, who knows? But maybe without that unknown person carving moon phases into the bone, i wouldn’t have my ical open telling me that its sunday and that its time to go and buy some pork.


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